SaniDépôt is a new concept entirely dedicated to the sale of the top brands of professional hygiene solutions and sanitary products and equipment.

SaniDépôt is designed to meet the cleaning and maintenance requirements of small businesses as well as large enterprises while at the same time offering an ideal location for last minute needs. SaniDépôt is the place where maintenance professionals will find all the supplies they need to clean industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings. SaniDépôt offers an incredible choice of quality products and the expertise to answer all your questions. You can rely on SaniDépôt’s professional advice to solve all your cleaning problems and help you complete your jobs impeccably and safely.



Offer a wide range of hygiene products and cleaning equipment in an innovative surrounding where you will be greeted by team of courteous and experienced professionals.

Promote powerful and economic environmentally-friendly ecological solutions to reduce the imprint of cleaning activities on our planet.



Hygiene and sanitation are concepts that can have a positive impact on your organization’s well being and everyone’s quality of life.

Not at all a necessary evil but rather a discipline aiming to offer safer and sustainable surroundings while at the same time respecting various measurable economic constraints.

All this is done while reducing the imprint of cleaning activities on our planet along the way.

Our team

Mario Lamarche
Alex Trudel
Vice-President Sales and Marketing
Yannick Beaulieu
Stores and Operations Manager
Gilles Tremblay
Sales Director
Richard Campbell
Sales Director
Cédric B. Ngenzi
Supplier Relationship & Product Manager
Annie Corriveau
Manager, Assistant Vice President Sales & Marketing
Bruno Laurin
Sales Development Manager
Myriam-France Léger
Sales Development Manager
Francis Phaneuf
Sales Development Manger
Mario Dubord
Sales Development Manager
Johanne Dubuc
Sales Development Manager
Marie-Ève Gaudreau
Sales Development Manager
Maude Paquin
Customer Service Manager
Steve Lavoie
Assistant Manager - Iberville
Serge Lapointe
Assistant Manager - Saint-Jérôme
François Barrette
Assistant Manager - Ville Saint-Laurent
Alexandre Ouimet
Assistant Manager - Anjou
Pier-Antoine Beaulieu
Louis Dufour
Technical advisor - Saint-Jérôme
Yasmine Fekid
Technical advisor - Iberville
Alexandre Ouellette
Technical advisor - Saint-Jérôme
Laurence Gagnon
Technical advisor - Ville Saint-Laurent
Martin Gazaille
Product Expert - Customer Service Agent
Mélissa Sarno
Customer Service Coordinator
Lucie Bourbonnière
Member Service Agent
Christine Laroche
Customer Service Agent
Alex Vallières
Customer Service Agent

Regional markets

  • Greater Montreal
  • Laval
  • Laurentians area
  • Lanaudière area
  • South Shore Montreal

Industries served

  • Household Cleaning personnel
  • Building Maintenance
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Concierges
  • Schools
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Supermarkets, stores and boutiques
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare establishments
  • Daycare Centers
  • Gyms and sports centers
  • Repair services
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Municipalities